Hario Filter-in Champagne Bottle-shaped Tea Bottle

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The newest tea bottle in the shape of a champagne bottle!
This new filter-in-bottle in the shape of a champagne bottle was developed with the idea of drinking water-based tea with meals, just like wine.
In the past, the filter-in-bottle was made in the Bordeaux-bottle shape, but this time it is joined by a champagne-bottle-shaped tea bottle with water dispenser. The filter is in the spout, so you can just pour it out and the tea leaves stay in the bottle.

Also ideal for iced tea.

Width 90 mm x Depth 90 mm x Height 320 mm
Bore 80 mm
Practical capacity: 800 ml
Bottle: heat-resistant glass, spout and cap: silicone rubber, filter: polypropylene
Made in Japan!