ZENJIRO has its origins in the Ozenji Temple in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, where "Zen" encompasses the sky and the mountains and concentrates the workings of the mind.


Japanese tea Zenjiro is carefully selected from tea leaves growing in natural tea fields in Mino-Shirakawa, Gifu Prefecture. The high altitude, which is twice as high as in other production areas, causes fog, which condenses the umami of the tea.

The quantity produced is small and it is a rare tea that the farmers have inherited with sweat and effort for more than 600 years in the difficult environment of steep slopes.

Only the highest quality tea leaves are used, which are also called natural gyokuro. The soft and shiny shoots are truly a blessing of nature. Enjoy the best tea that has won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award and the Emperor's Cup 10 times in the past.

We supply freshly picked new tea ZENJIRO.