Welcome to Zen-tcha!

Hello, I am Michiyo.

I was born and raised in Japan on a small tropical island near Okinawa. As a child, I loved looking at the globe and dreaming of distant countries.

After my studies in Japan, I went to the United States to continue my studies. From then on, I have only lived abroad in the Netherlands, China and Belgium.
This year will be my 28th year of living abroad!

Of course I missed many things from Japan but something I have continued to use all my life is Japanese tea.
It is claimed to be good for health and beauty, and to have great nutritional value and many benefits. That is not just a coincidence, I can say from my own experience that it really is! I will tell you about it in my blog from now on.

The Zen-tcha website contains only the best Japanese products that I myself use on a daily basis. Since 2021 I am the exclusive Zenjiro distributor for the Benelux and with my website I am allowed to trade all over Europe. I supply to companies and individuals.